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Our enterprise was founded in 1994 as a job enamelling workshop. After production expansion and factory move it is situated in Grünhain since 1996. At present 20 employees work here.

We concern with enamelling of aluminium (sheet metal, ingot pouring, extruded profiles) and different other metals, like stainless steel, titanium and bonding materials. The advantages of a nonporous, inorganic glass layer are connected with the material properties of aluminium by an enamel coating. With different modern equipment we are able to enamel both mass production and unique pieces efficiently in a good quality.

inside enamelling of heat exchangers made of cast aluminum

A modern, efficient and cost-effective form of heating for single and multi-family houses are gas heating systems with so-called condensing boilers, made of cast aluminum. This results in condensation which strongly reacts with the cast aluminum surface. The result is a roughening of these surfaces. Here, especially mineral constituents of the combustion gases (sulfur-lime compounds) can accumulate and hinder the heat transfer. Removal of the deposits can only be carried out by chemical means and leads to further roughening.

By enamelling the surfaces concerned, the drop off in the efficiency of the entire system over the lifetime can be greatly reduced and the service life can be increased. A coating formation is severely restricted so that the cleaning intervals can also be lengthened. The process and the coating have been patented.

inside enamelling of car cylinder heads

Thermal insulation and smoothing of the exhaust gas-carrying ducts in passenger car cylinder heads can achieve many positive effects:

- Reduction of the component weight of the cylinder head
- Increased performance
- Reduction of fuel consumption

With an aluminum foundry as a partner, we have developed and patented a process for the inside enamelling of these ducts.

enamelling of composite materials

Due to their many advantages, material composites made of different metals will be more and more important. For a well-known brand manufacturer of consumer goods, we have developed a process for the attractive enamel coating of woks, which were produced from an aluminum-stainless steel composite.

enamelling of exhaust pipes

Many car and motorcycle drivers want to beautify their vehicle and give the tuning industry good sales. We are able to provide new and second hand exhaust pipes made of stainless steel in various colors and gloss grades with a robust enamel coating.

enamelling of grills and grill plates

Grill and grill plates from aluminium ingot moulding are lightly, stably and very well heat conducting.

The heat distribution is evenly and gets to very good grill results. These high-quality products are ennobled by the smooth, scratch-resistant enamel surface with non-stick effect.

This coating is certified from the FDA for the contact with food and it can be choosed any color you like. Because the grill products only stick very little, the grills are very easily to clean.

enamelling of profiles

Profiles for the floors and stairs must be scratch-resistant and kindly to cleaning. Our colored enamelled profiles are provided with long-term photoluminescent enamel stripes if necessary.

By extruding can be made economically complicated profiles of aluminum.

If these profiles, made as heater plates, come into contact with agressive substances and a mechanical use, the enamelling presents itself.

The enamel is temperature resistant to 350°C and can produce optically attractive surfaces by using of modern color change pigments or crystal effect pigments.

enamelling of heating plates

Heating plates made of copper, stainless steel or compound metals for laboratory instruments have to be heating and chemically resistant and, in general, easy to clean. The smooth, nonporous surface is to disinfect easily if necessary.

enamelling of small series / unique pieces

Our enterprise has different production plants, which are specially suitable for several orders. There are for example laboratory chamber furnaces or small spraying cabins. Our current production is not spoiled by enamelling of small series or unique pieces.

Filigree of construction units can be enamelled too. Aluminum enamels are more stabil on sharp edges than steel enamels.

Enamelled panels from wrought aluminum or extruded aluminum have exclusive characteristics due to the high scratching firmness and the good cleaning characteristics.

These screw conveyors from casted aluminum preferably come into contact with organic hot glue . The nonporous surface is easy to clean, if that were missed, the glue can be removed mechanically problem-free.

enamelling of valve covers

For our white enameled cover of plugs for high quality sinks and bathtubs is required a particularly high quality of the coating.

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